KWG 2 available NOW!!!

With these new features added:

  • Updated to new 2136 Jouyou kanji list.
  • Added SOD (Stroke Order Diagrams).
  • New grades based on RTK (Remembering The Kanji) and AGTRJC (A Guide To Remembering Japanese Characters).
  • New "hint" functionality that makes easier to find a kanji.
  • Portuguese and French partial translations.

And a Facebook group has been created Facebook

About Kanji Writing Game

Test your Kanji drawing skills against this videogame!

The game is very simple, first the game will show you the Kanji information, then you have to draw the kanji in the drawing area and click the "Search" button. After that, the game will show you some kanjis that matches the strokes that you have drawn. Now select the correct one and you have passed the round.

You have 60 seconds per round and if you succed you will gain 5 points.

With this game you can test your skills in the 6 basic grades or your knowledge of Jouyou Kanji.


  • 12 Grades: 6 basic grades and 6 Jouyou kanji grades.
  • Search function.
  • Complete 1945 Jouyou kanji.
  • One scoreboard per grade.
  • English and Spanish.
  • Free (with adMob banner).
  • GNU GPL v3 License.

Get It Now:

Kanji writing game is now on de Android Store.
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